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    • Why man of the world Michael Palin prefers to stay at home

      palin.jpg By: Hannah Stephenson

      In the 1980s, Michael Palin was the toast of LA, but he tells Hannah Stephenson why he's glad he only made it halfway to Hollywood.
      In 1979, The Life of Brian was released and the Pythons found themselves being lauded in Los Angeles. In the years that followed, they performed at the Hollywood Bowl, and when films like A Private Function...

    • Halfway To Hollywood

      palincover.jpg Diaries 1980 to 1988
      By: Michael Palin

      The second volume of Michael Palin's diaries covers the 1980s, a decade in which the ties that bound the Pythons loosened as they forged their separate careers. After a live performance at the Hollywood Bowl, they made their last performance together in 1983 in the hugely successful Monty Python's Meaning of Life. Writing and acting in films...

    • No lack of material to draw on for gala host

      john_cleese3.jpg Divorce, John Cleese-style guaranteed to enthrall mathematicians and average festival-goers alike
      By: BILL BROWNSTEIN, The Gazette

      John Cleese won't be at a loss for fodder when he hosts this year's first Just for Laughs anglo gala on Wednesday at Théâtre St. Denis. Three divorces and millions of dollars in alimony payments have provided him with more than enough material.

      Cleese, the former Monty Python trouper and face behind the fab Fawlty Towers sitcom, is...

    • A chat with Spamalot's creator

      eric_idle_side.jpg By: Steve Julian

      There are castles in Los Angeles, and while the water feature outside the Ahmanson Theatre doesn’t quite qualify as a moat, it does lead to the castle on stage. Spamalot is derived from Monty Python’s The Search for the Holy Grail. The musical follows King Arthur, played by John O’Hurley, as he looks for his holy grail.


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      A unique insider's look at the legendary Pythons in their prime, at work and at play, during the making of one of their timeless comedy classics

      by: Kim "Howard" Johnson

      With forewords by John Cleese, Michael Palin,
      Terry Jones and Eric Idle

      "...one of the finest and most accurate records of the making of the film that I have ever read. I just wished I could remember what actually went on then." --Terry Jones

      "If anyone can remember more...

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    • Monty Python - live but not in person

      eric.jpg By: Christopher Smith

      An English newspaper once described a soccer star as having "developed splendidly and then aged as well as could be hoped for." That might sum up another U.K. icon, Monty Python. Because while it's been 25 years since the seminal six-man English comedy troupe has produced any new material, its thoughtful silliness still resonates.


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    • The most stupefyingly funny musical ever made

      1115687822.jpg By: Jonathan Oyama

      The musical “Spam-a-lot” is a glorious riot of a comedy, with classic Monty Python jokes and a couple of new ones.

      One wouldn’t know it if they heard the music beforehand, but the Ahmanson production is a gut-busting show filled with weird, random jokes.

      Just as an example of how non sequitur this musical is, the narrator...

    • Monty Python theme tune: music to madness

      Montydone_1443906c.jpg How music contributed to Monty Python's demented humour.
      By: Marc Lee

      Is there a better-known signature tune in the history of television? Four decades after Monty Python’s Flying Circus changed the course of comedy, the rousing strains of the Liberty Bell march remain instantly recognisable. As Python’s visionary animator Terry Gilliam said: “Now you only think of it as the Python theme; nobody thinks of...

    • The top ten most offensive movies

      jehova1.jpg Life Of Brian #1
      By: Kevin Maher and Wendy Ide

      So the secret is out. Brϋno, the new comedy from Sacha Baron Cohen, is offensive. But hilariously so. The film (released on July 10), say the reviews leaked online, “pushes boundaries further than Borat ever did” (according to the BBC). With the aim of exposing hypocrisy, the movie sends a straight man (Baron Cohen) under cover as a gay...

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    • Jesus, Spartacus, and Monty Python

      spartacus.jpg By: Peter T. Chattaway

      Peter Bradshaw makes a very interesting point about Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus (1960), which recently returned to British movie screens for one day only:

      The story of Spartacus reverses the Jesus myth: instead of getting sold out by his followers and dying a terrible death on the cross, Spartacus is protected by his troops, who...